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The Emotional Wellbeing of Children

“There appears to be an incredible burden on school principals to find funding to help children; they can’t simply turn a blind eye to what they are being confronted with on a daily basis. Teachers are really struggling to help children. We know that addressing children’s psychological difficulties enhances their learning experience, but the extent and range of difficulties that children are presenting with in school needs urgent attention, not only to improve their educational chances but to help them deal with their emotional struggles”

Rosaleen McElvaney comments on difficulties facing primary schools in supporting the emotional wellbeing of children.

Emotional Wellbeing for Children

Emotional Wellbeing at the heart of our school communities – City West conference 2015 report.

The Subconscious Mind & Sandtray Therapy

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The Sand tray therapy experience

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Sandtray Therapy – a powerful intervention for adults, teens and children

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